Thursday, June 11, 2015

Relighting Rheem gas storage Hot Water Systems

Rheem stellar gas control valve

Most people cannot relight the Rheem Stellar gas hot water system because of one common mistake - They believe they will hear or see the pilot flame. In fact, you are not likely to hear or see the pilot flame because of its small size and location.

You will find the main GAS VALVE and PIEZO IGNITOR inside the cover at the base of the hot water system. Follow the full lighting procedure printed on the flip side of the cover. When you reach the stage of turning the thermostat up from the pilot symbol to 7 you should hear the woofing sound of the main burner when it ignites. This is how you will know if you were successful at relighting the pilot flame.

The PIEZO IGNITOR should make a clicking or a clunking sound every time you press it. Spray a little WD40 into it if it does not make a sound when you press it.

To relight the Rheem Stellar gas storage hot water system

  1. Turn the CONTROL KNOB so the PILOT symbol is at the front 
  2. Hold the CONTROL KNOB down with your left hand and keep it held down
  3. Press the PIEZO IGNITOR 20 times with your right hand (ensure it makes a sound every press)
  4. After pressing the PIEZO IGNITOR 20 times, release the CONTROL KNOB  and twist it until the number 7 is at the front. (This is when you should hear a woofing sound that is the indication that you lit the main burner which is also an indication that you have successfully relit the PILOT flame) 
  5. Once the hot water system is alight, turn the CONTROL KNOB to the desired temperature setting. The higher the number the longer you will get hot water from your taps.  

If you were unsuccessful at relighting your Rheem gas hot water system, for help or advice call 0448 844 911

We hope this easy to follow, how to guide to relight the pilot on your Rheem Stellar gas hot water heater in Canberra and Queanbeyan helps

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