Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dripping taps and Leaking taps - how to fix them in Canberra?

You can be sure your dripping taps and leaking taps won’t leak again for years after you call Six Star Hot Water and Plumbing to fix your taps.

When we attend to your taps we don’t just change the tap washers. We know that taps can drip and leak for many reasons other than a bad tap washer.

Did you know that the tap seat is just as important as the tap washer?

If the tap seat is not flat or smooth your tap washer will not seal on it. We always grind the seat of every tap we attend to. If the tap seat is too warn or grooved to grind we will screw in a new tap seat for you.

Did you know that a bad tap washer or bad tap seat may not be the only cause of a dripping tap or leaking tap? If you have a dry o-ring or dry thread inside the spindle it will feel tight. We always service every spindle of every tap we attend to. We always clean the internal and external threads, replace the o-rings and lubricate the inside of the tap spindle.

Before we put the tap back together we flush the brass from the old seat out of the tap body. We then install high performance brass hydro-seal tap washers. These have been known to keep working perfectly for 20 years or more.

Bad washers and worn seats can also result in water hammer. Some tap washers are good for a year or two. However, over time they flatten and can result in bad water hammer and noisy pipes. When we attend to fix your taps we guarantee that our high performance hydro-seal tap washers will never change shape.

If you need more information about your dripping taps or leaking taps or immediate help in Canberra, Queanbeyan or Jerrabomberra just call 6161 9417 for Six Star Hot Water and Plumbing, Canberra.

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Robert Edwards