Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tips for solar hot water and Heat pumps, Canberra

When choosing a solar hot water system / heater always check to see how many Renewable Energy Certificates STCs it has for the litres of hot water stored. The higher the number of STCs the more efficient the system will be.
When choosing a solar hot water system a bigger tank is best. Nowadays the tanks are very well insulated. Therefore with a larger tank you can store more free solar hot water.

When buying a new solar hot water system / heater use an experienced solar hot water heater / system installer. Too many things can go wrong if your new solar hot water system / heater is installed incorrectly

When having a heat pump installed always insist that your new heat pump is installed on the warm side of your house. Heat pumps do not need sunlight. However, the warmer the air around them the cheaper they will be to run.

When having any hot water heater / system / cylinder / tank installed try to put it as close as possible to the kitchen. The kitchen tap is the tap which you will use more frequently than any other in the house. This will reduce energy consumption and water consumption.

Tips for Blocked Drains in Canberra

Repairing Blocked Drains in Canberra may require digging up the sewer and stormwater drains which tends to be very expensive. So at the first sign of a blocked or choked sewer or stormwater drain call a licensed plumber to check your drains. The longer you leave a drain blocked the sooner you will need to dig the drain up to remove an un-clearable blockage.

Don’t use root pellets, tablets or chemicals to unblock or un-choke your sewer or stormwater drain. They only remove the fine tree roots. The larger tree roots continue to grow and eventually become too big for an electric eel and jet roding machine. The end result is a very expensive dig up of your drains.

Always use a licensed plumber, preferably a member of the Master Plumber’s Drainer’s, and Gas Fitter’s Association of the ACT, to unblock your drains. This is the least expensive way to maintain your sewer or stormwater drains.

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