Monday, December 20, 2010

Emergency drain cleaning in Canberra

What to do if you have a blocked drain emergency.

The first thing to do when you notice you need emergency drain cleaning in Canberra is to stop using absolutely every plumbing fixture inside and outside of the house. When you have a blocked drain every drop you put into the drain will overflow out of the drain somewhere else.

If you live in a unit complex inform your neighbours to the sides and upstairs that you have a blocked drain. Ask them to stop using their plumbing fixtures also, as the water they put into the drain may overflow into your house.

Once you have stopped the water from going into the drain you will slow the rate at which it overflows out of the drain. Then call a plumber immediately. Tell the plumber you need emergency drain cleaning and ask them how soon they can come.

Most plumbers can attend to emergency drain cleaning in Canberra with half an hour.

While waiting for the plumber ensure all children and pets are kept away from the overflow. This is necessary because even clean looking water that has overflowed from the sewerage system will contain potentially lethal substances.

If the sewerage system is overflowing inside your house you can make a barrier of towels to prevent it from spreading to other rooms.

Once you have quarantined the area look through your records to see if you have a sewerage drainage plan. This will help the attending plumber to quickly diagnose the problem and then to quickly fix the problem.

If you suspect it is a blocked sewer main you can call ACTEW, AGL on 131193. If you are not sure whether it is a blocked sewer main or not, Your plumber can diagnose this when they arrive. If it is a blocked main the plumber will call ACTEW, AGL.

Once the sewer drain is cleared call your insurance provider and explain to them the details of the incident. They should have any carpets that have been contaminated by sewer removed and replaced.

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