Monday, November 8, 2010

What to do with blocked stormwater drains.

It is raining again in Canberra and Queanbeyan and people are asking how to clear blocked stormwater drains. Given all the consistent rain we are experiencing, now is the time when you will learn what condition your stormwater drainage system is in.

The first sign of a problem is likely to be your roof gutters overflowing. These will need to be checked for the build up of leafs, sticks and bird’s nests. You can clean them yourself with a dust broom and garden hose. However, given that most domestic injuries are ladder falls, it may be prudent to employ professionals to do it for you. We use and recommend a company called Gutter Vac

Once your gutters are clean check to see that water is draining down the downpipes. If they are not draining, tap the down-pipe with a rubber hammer handle along its length until you hear a hollow metal sound. This will tell you how much of the down-pipe is holding water. If all of the down-pipe is holding water you will need to cut a hole about 50mm in diameter at the very base of the down-pipe.

This will allow the water to drain out. You can than push a hose up into the down-pipe flushing any rubbish out as you go.

Once your downpipes are clear check that the stormwater drains are clear also. You can do this by running a garden hose down into the drain. Do this for about 5 minutes for each downpipe. If water begins to overflow out of the hole you have cut in the base of the downpipe it means that you have blocked stormwater drains.

You can attempt to push the hose into the drain until you cannot go any further. When you hit something hard, push the hose backwards and forwards a number of times as this may clear the blockage. You will know when your blocked stormwater drains are cleared as water will stop overflowing out of the base of the downpipes.

If the stormwater drain remains blocked you will need a licensed plumber or drainer with an electric eel or jetter to clear the blockage for you.

If you need help with blocked stormwater drains in Canberra or Queanbeyan you can obtain a list of licensed drainers and plumbers from The Master Plumbers Website, ACTPLA or you can call 6 Star Hot water and Plumbing on 61619417 for immediate help and advice for Blocked Drains Canberra.