Tuesday, November 25, 2014

If you have a water leak, why use professional help?

What happens when you do not use a professional leak locating and detection service?

This is an example of what can happen when you do not check to see if your plumber has the experience, and the correct leak locating and detection equipment.

On the recommendation of the strata managers, we were called by the owner of this Canberra  unit to help find the location of a hot water leak. When we arrived we found these massive holes in the walls and under the bath.  This bathroom had been completely renovated just  6 months prior to the water leak occurring.

Damaged Wall from worker

Apparently the owner had been away for a few weeks. When she returned home she noticed condensation coming out  of the walls in two bathrooms. In a panic, she  called a plumber who had little water  leak locating experience and no water leak locating equipment.  He took tiles off and smashed holes in the walls where he thought he could hear the leak.   The plumber eventually gave up, leaving thousands of dollars worth of additional damage to the bathroom.  

When we arrived we electronically located the pipes.  We then used specialist heat locating equipment and other investigative techniques . We found that the water leak was in another room at least one meter away under the floor. We marked the spot with a blue X in front of the toilet.

Leak located

We then noted that the pipe was a meter below the tiled floor . If we were to try to access the leak through the floor at this depth we would have needed to pull up most of the floor. This would have left an additional bill in the thousands of dollars. It would also effect the structural integrity of the building.

Instead of up pulling up the floor, we accessed the pipe from outside through the brick wall. Once done the bricks could easily be replaced within a few hours.  

pipe access

Because we are also fully licensed plumbers we were able to quickly repair the pipe.

water pipes

Our invoice was a little over $1000.00.  It will cost about $330.00 to have the bricks put back in. The bill for the repairs to the bathroom walls is likely to be double that.  

If you have a water leak, call a professional with the correct equipment. Do not be afraid to ask them if they have their own leak detection and leak location equipment. It could save you a fortune. 

property layout

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