Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Electric Hot Water Heaters Tips

Tips for Electric Hot Water Heaters, systems and tanks

Your electric hot water system may also be called an electric hot water heater, electric hot water tank, and boiler, electric storage system, off peak hot water heater or hot water cylinder.

These hot water systems, tanks, cylinders; heaters are responsible for up to 30% of household carbon dioxide emissions.

The Federal and state governments are moving to phase out the installation of electric hot water heater/ systems / tanks by 2012. While there are rebates, it is cost effective to have a solar hot water system, heater installed to replace your old electric hot water system or heater.

When having any hot water heater, system, cylinder, tank installed try to put it as close as possible to the kitchen. The kitchen tap is the tap which you will use more frequently than any other in the house. This will reduce energy consumption and water consumption

To help you get hot water quickly our hot water system and heater specialists undertake Emergency Electric hot water heater system installation and replacements Emergency
  • same day electric hot water heater
  • system repairs to Dux, Radiant, Aquamax, Vulcan, Everhot, Rheem , electric hot water systems and heaters
Emergency same day supply and installation of Dux, Radiant, Aquamax, Rheem , Vulcan or Everhot electric hot water systems and heaters

All hot water heater / system quotes Advice on switching to solar or high efficiency gas hot water.

Moving your hot water heater system from inside to outside Change your existing electric hot water heater system to a gas or solar hot water heater system

In most instances we can provide interest free loans on the spot.

Call now for immediate help with your electric hot water heater, system tank if you live in Canberra.

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