Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Solar Hot Water system, what to look for

When choosing a solar hot water system always check to see how many Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) it has for the litres of hot water it stores. The higher the number of RECs the less electricity it will use and the more efficient the system will be.

Don’t be tricked into buying a small tank. When choosing a solar hot water system a bigger tank is best. Today the tanks are very well insulated. Therefore with a larger tank you can store more free solar hot water.

Many manufacturers print tables on the recommended size to suit your needs. Solar hot water should save you money. It should not cost you a bomb in ongoing repairs from the day it is installed. I frequently get calls to fix systems that are only a few months old. This is because they have not been installed properly.

When buying a new solar hot water system use an experienced solar hot water system installer. Too many things can go wrong if your new solar hot water system is installed incorrectly.

Solar hot water systems generate heat from sun light shining on panels or tubes. They can also capture the heat out of the air. These systems are called heat pumps and require no roof mounted panels at all.

When having a heat pump installed always insist that your new heat pump is installed on a level base outside on the warm side of your house. Heat pumps do not need sunlight. However, the warmer the air around them the cheaper they will be to run.

When having any hot water heater system installed try to put it as close as possible to the kitchen. The kitchen tap is the tap which you will use more frequently than any other in the house. This will reduce energy consumption and water consumption.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Electric hot water systems

Electric hot water systems. When is it not worth repairing them?

As a general rule I would say if the electric hot water system is older than 10 years and you have not had any parts replaced since it was new, it is probably not worth the risk of repairing it.

Your electric hot water system may also be called an electric hot water heater, electric hot water tank, boiler, electric storage system, off peak hot water heater or electric hot water cylinder.

Hot water heaters were once made using copper or bronze. Some of these have lasted more than 40 years. Unfortunately, they are not as durable these days.

If you live in areas like Canberra where the water is relatively free from minerals such as calcium, iron and salt you could expect 10 years or more from your hot water heater.

Some faults are leaks through valves or seals. These are easily fixed by a qualified plumber. However, if the inner cylinder is leaking it cannot be repaired and must be replaced.

Finding and fixing a leaking valve or seal is relatively easy and should cost between $280.00 and $390.00 depending on the make and model.

Experience shows that when you have a problem with one part of the hot water heater another problem is not far away. In total a complete overhaul of all of the changeable parts on an electric hot water system should cost between $560.00 and $720.00. However, there are no guarantees on how long the inner cylinder will last. Remember if it is over 10 years it may not be worth repairing.

When choosing a replacement hot water system remember electric hot water systems are relatively cheap to buy and maintain. However, they are the most expensive to run and the most polluting.

Because electric hot water systems are so polluting the Federal government will phase them out from January 1st 2012

You may consider using the federal rebates to assist you to buy a solar hot water system. You may even consider a high efficiency gas hot water system as an environmentally friendly alternative to solar hot water and at a much lower installation price.

You can choose a new electric, gas and solar hot water system from manufacturers such as Dux, Radiant, Aquamax, Vulcan, Everhot and Rheem. They range in sizes from 11 litres all the way up to 400 litres in capacity.

Many electric hot water repair services will generally do a same day change over if your existing hot water system bursts. Some may even be able to change your electric hot water heater to a gas hot water heater on the same.

If you are looking for a hot water heater or hot water heaters, the electric hot water brands we service include Bosch hot water, Dux hot water and Rheem hot water. We can provide instant hot water through a new gas hot water system. We can supply and install a new solar hot water service and help you with your solar hot water rebate. For a list of brands that we support to go to

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