Wednesday, September 12, 2018

When is the best time to have your stormwater drains cleared in Canberra?

This is a very common question. Unfortunately, we are mostly asked this question when we are attending to a flood emergency that has resulted from a blocked storm water drain. 

The best time to have your storm water drains cleared or checked is as soon as you think you have a problem, and in the months leading up to storm season. In Canberra, storm season runs between December and March.

What are the causes of blocked storm water drains in Canberra?

Leaves that fall on your roof in autumn will make their way into your storm water pipes through your gutters and down pipes.

Tree roots are a major issue too. Surprisingly, we find that tree roots grow all year around. They do seem to get worse around spring. Tree roots will grow through cracks in old pipes and unglued joints in new pipes.

Silt, sediment and wood chips can be washed into storm water pits, eventually filling the pit or the storm water pipes exiting the pits.

Old cement drains can collapse, and plastic drains can be squashed by the weight of soil above them, or by tree roots growing close by.

Tennis balls and toys are occasionally found in drains. If you happen to find these in your storm water pipes, I would ask your children how they got in there.

What are the first signs of blocked storm water pipes?

  • Water overflowing from gutters.
  • Water bubbling out of the joints between your storm water pipes and down pipes.
  • Storm water pits that are slow to drain.
  • Water under your house.
  • Patches of lawn that are greener than other parts of your lawn.
  • Water tanks that won't fill up.

How are storm water pipes cleared?

Normally your plumber will attend with an electric eel or water jetter.

Occasionally you can use a hose yourself to dislodge leaves and to stir up the silt.

When they get old, your drains are likely to need to be dug up and repaired.

If you have any issues with your storm water drains, we can help with advice or drain cleaning services.

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