Tuesday, May 31, 2011

CCTV Drain Camera and Plumbing Services Canberra

Do you need to locate problems inside your drains efficiently and accurately using a CCTV drain camera?

What are the benefits of using CCTV Drain Camera?

There are four beneficial reasons how using a CCTV drain camera with a locating transmitter (a sonde) that can save you time and money.

The first reason is that a CCTV drain camera allows you to see the condition of the inside of your buried drainage pipes. You can accurately determine whether your drain requires repairs and how urgent the repairs need to be. The camera will reveal in colour whether your drainage pipes are badly affected by tree roots, broken or whether they have some other obstruction in them.

The CCTV drain Camera takes the guess work out of how much of your drain pipe needs to be repaired and what sort of repairs are required.

The second reason for using a CCTV drain camera with a locating sonde is that the sonde allows you to accurately locate the problems. The sonde attached to the camera head sends a signal back to the ground level. This signal is traced using an electronic receiver. The operator can then mark the location and depth on the ground directly above the problem and on a plan.

The CCTV drain camera helps keep excavations to a minimum when repairs are undertaken.

The third reason for using a CCTV Drain Camera is that it does not lie. In conjunction with a DVD burner or memory stick a visual image of any problems can be stored. This image can be used in the future when seeking quotes for repairs and when having drains cleaned. It is also a very useful tool for litigation where bad workmanship has occurred. You can also ask for written report or for the problems to be recorded on a drainage plan, if you have one.

The CCTV drain Camera provides an accurate record of the inside of your pipes.

The final reason for using a CCTV Drain Camera is that any quotes for repairs will be accurate and the work quoted will be consistent. Combining the stored images with ground or plan markings produced with the aid of the sonde takes all of the guess work out of quoting.

If you are in need of a CCTV Drain Camera Plumbing Services in Canberra you can call 6 Star Hot water a Plumbing on 61619417 or to find out more about how we can help you go to www.hotwatersystems-plumbing.com.au/drain-camera

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Electronic Water Leak Detection services in Canberra

Do you want to locate water leaks quickly and efficiently?

There are as many ways to locate a water leak. Some forms of water leak detection are more sophisticated than others.

The first thing you need to do is to determine whether you have a water leak or not. The easiest way to do this is to check your water meter when no taps or toilets are on. Check your water meter at 10 minute intervals. if any of the last three digits change you definitely have a water leak.

You can also compare your water usage patterns for the same time in the previous year. Remember the price of water has increased dramatically. Therefore, higher water bills do not necessarily mean higher water consumption.

If you are convinced you have a water leak, you can then start on the easy things. First check all garden taps, disconnect any hoses and inspect the garden tap outlets.

Check your taps and appliances. Check that your tap spindles have been fit into the tap bodies properly. Many times we find taps leaking into walls just after a homeowner has changed the tap washers.

Check your toilet cisterns by turning the water off at the cistern cock for an hour. Remember don't let anyone flush the toilet in that time. When you turn the water back on to the cistern there should be silence. If you hear the sound of running water this means you have a water leak in your cistern. This can easily be repaired.

Check any irrigation systems or evaporative air conditioners you have. Most irrigation systems and evaporative air conditioners have a stop cock. Therefore you can test them like you would your toilet cistern.

Look for wet spots in the lawn. This is particularly easy in times of drought. A water leak is generally accompanied by a green patch in the grass.

If you have done these things and you still cannot find the leak it is time to call in an electronic water leak locating service.

In Canberra an electronic leak locating service will use sophisticated electronic transmitting and receiving devices to first locate your metal pipes. Then they will use devices that can detect the audible frequencies that water makes when it is leaving a pipe under pressure.

These devices can be used to find leaks under the soil, in walls and under concrete slabs

Using electronic Water leak locating services in Canberra

If you need help to with electronic water leak locating services in Canberra 6 Star Hot Water and Plumbing Can help call 61619417 for water leak detection services.