Monday, February 28, 2011

Solar Hot water system prices

Solar hot water system prices vary for a number of reasons. Because they are an expensive item I am regularly asked, how much should I pay for a solar hot water system, how will I know when I am paying too much and how will I know if the price I have been quoted is too good to be true?

In this blog I will attempt to give you some of the tools you will need to answer these questions. However, it will be your own research that will ultimately help you decide if you have paid a fair price for a solar hot water system.

There are six main reasons why solar hot water system prices will be different. These are -Rebates- The efficiency of the system- Type of system- size of system- the quality of the installation- whether the system has to be moved away from the location of your existing hot water system. In this blog I will deal with your solar hot water rebates. Your Solar Hot Water rebates are deducted from the total supply and installation cost of your solar hot water system. Before you accept any quote be sure to research your solar hot water rebates and their values.

Be aware that each state has a different rebate system and the amount of rebate will vary from state to state. You can find out what state rebate you are eligible for at If you live in the ACT go to

Some local councils will also offer a rebate for changing to solar hot water. Ring your local council before you speak to a solar hot water salesperson.

Up until January 2012 the federal government will also provide a $1000.00 rebate for any solar hot water system that gets more than 20 Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs). The federal government will also provide a $600.00 rebate for a hot water heat pump which gets more than 20 STCs.

Each solar hot water system or heat pump is eligible for STC rebates. Your STC rebate will vary depending on how efficient your solar hot water system is. One STC is equal to one tonne of carbon saved. The higher the number of STCs allocated to a system the more efficient it will be. You can find how many STCs your system is eligible for at

Be sure to ask the salesperson how many STCs the system they propose is eligible for. Also ask the salesperson who much they are willing to pay you for each STC when the system is installed. I generally use as a guide. If the price per STC you are quoted seems high compared to Green-banks you may be getting scammed.

Ask the salesperson for the overall cost before any rebates are deducted.

Remember before you accept any solar hot water system prices research what you have been told by the sales person.

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